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If you can dream it, we can engrave it!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a good reason to choose an engraved brick program?
  • No upfront capital expenses. You collect your money and then you pay for the engraved bricks.
  • Durable and long lasting. Bricks become a permanent part of the landscape where donors can be reminded of their dedication to your project.
  • Profits are great. A standard (4"x8") brick usually sells for $50.00. That is a $38.00 profit for every brick! We have seen them sell for as high as $1,000.00 per brick. Remember, the brick cost stays the same no matter what price you sell at. And we will guarantee the price of engraving for your program as long as you sell bricks. Yes, your profit can be figured easily each time you sell a brick. Our price is "Cut In Stone"!
  • No need to think of a new fundraiser next year! Be ready to add on to your initial program. These bricks sell themselves once they are in place and in view of your potential buyers.

    What is Available?

    Bricks vary in sizes and styles.

  • Clay bricks come in a variety of shades from ivory (light) to mulberry (very dark) in the standard brick size (4"x8"x21/4") and a larger size (8"x 8"x21/4").
  • Concrete Bricks also come in a variety of shades which can match or complement previous work and buildings. Sizes range from the standard (4"x8"x21/4") to very large (12"x12"x21/4").
  • Wire Cut Bricks give a distinct surface look in varying shades of red in the standard size (4"x8"x21/4").

    Tiles are great for wall type fundraisers or on existing sidewalks. Similar to clay bricks.

    Granite, quarried out of Central Texas, comes in a variety of colors. Sizes to fit your needs-Texas style!

    Limestone is handcrafted by the original designer himself and located here on our ranch, where truly the buffalo still roam. Shapes and sizes vary, no two are alike. If you are interested in a one of a kind, this is a great choice.

    Mix 'N Match with a combination of bricks, granite or limestone.

    Sell 500 bricks (4"x8") x $50 a brick $25,000
      Less engraving 500 x $12 a brick $ 6,000
    Your profit $19,000
    Sell 100 bricks (8"x8") x $100 a brick $10,000
      Less engraving 100 x $14 a brick $1,400
    Your profit $ 8,600


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